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How to De-Clutter Your Child’s Schoolwork

Store and Organize after Each School Year

If you have ever thrown away one of your child’s worksheets or crafts by accident? OR you ensure that you keep every piece of schoolwork so that you do not accidently throw any out?

Like us, you probably have a place in your house where everyone puts their STUFF when they unpack their backpacks at the end of the school day: all in the same spot. I am guessing it is the counter or island, or a glaringly obvious spot right at the front door.

And the artwork that your kids are bringing home IS valuable.

Art encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities and that it can be used effectively to teach and understand other key subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science.

Kids say that art is fun, an activity they enjoy, and they have such a sense of pride when they bring home each item.

Art is naturally linked to creativity; an attribute that has been shown to be one of the most important factors for the success of individuals, organizations, and cultures.

If you are thinking to yourself,

“What am I going to do with all of this STUFF that my child has brought home?!”, you are certainly not alone.

Most parents have this thought cross their mind at the end of a school year.

HERE I share one of the best ideas that has revolutionized our “Stuff” storage, while being able to retain the memories.

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Check out THIS ARTICLE to see how EASY it can be to start Scrapbooking TODAY

The first thing you will need is a PLACE to put all of those assignments, worksheets, crafts and paper projects that your child brings home at the end of their school day. A fabric bin is a nice versatile option – make sure to get one that will hold many different sizes of paper (at least 11″ x 17″).

Once you find a storage bin that you like, you may want to purchase a few, so that you can have one bin for each child’s schoolwork, or if you have one child, having a different bin for each half of the year

(Before Christmas and After Christmas) ensure that they do not get overfilled with school crafts and worksheets before the year is over.

The next thing you will need is a place to store the memories! This includes the physical papers that you and your child choose to keep, as well the photos or copies of the other items (the memories without the clutter!) A 12X12, 3 ring Scrapbook album is perfect for storing the school memories for each year.

Make sure that you watch the HOW-TO Video above to see the step by step directions for creating one book for each of your children’s schoolyears. This easy de-cluttering and organizing method helps you to tackle the paper clutter in your home.

One of the best strategies, when using any storage bins, is to label them accordingly. You can use a label maker for this (and to label other things in your quest to organize and de-clutter your home)

Or, the MOST versatility will come form using a Cricut Machine. The Cricut cutting machine will change the way that you are able to tackle any home organization, or craft project. the best value is to buy a bundle that includes everything you need to get started.

THIS BUNDLE includes the Cricut Explore 3 and EVERYTHING that you need to get started.

Once you have all of the supplies that you need, you are ready to get started de-cluttering your child’s schoolwork.

  1. Unpack the bin for that schoolyear, ensuring that you take out each project, piece of artwork, craft, worksheet, test – EVERYTHING.
  2. Have your child determine which physical items are a MUST keep (they must easily fit into your binder or scrapbook).
  3. Scan or take a photo of everything else
  4. Print out the photos or copies of the other items and file then into your scrapbook or binder for the year.

Let us know in the comments how it goes if you are tying this out for the first time, or if you have your own storage solutions for organizing all of that schoolwork paper clutter!

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