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FitBit vs. Apple Watch: Which will Make Your Life Easier?

It was Christmas morning. I carefully began to peel back the brightly colored paper, having a strong hunch of what was inside. I had asked my husband for a Fitbit. I had big dreams of tracking my steps and making fitness a priority in my overscheduled, overwhelmed, mother of two little ones, life come January 1st. This device was going to make it easier for me. Right?

Now that I have been using my Fitbit Versa 2 for a few months, I can share what I love about it, what is to be desired, and what I think about the possibility of an Apple Watch (which is twice the price).

As a busy mom of two, I felt that my health was always taking a back burner. My “meals” would consist of whatever was left of the kids’ food: a few noodles of mac and cheese anyone? Perhaps with a side of rejected carrots? Because we all know that carrots, yesterday’s star of the meal, are “yucky” today. I started looking into fitness trackers and decided that a Fitbit would be the solution. It would track my steps, heartrate (both resting and active), and allow me to track my sleep patterns as well. Well, once my then 4-month-old decided to sleep for longer stretches. I was just praying that day would come (and it did! stay stong mommas!).

I marveled at the square face and the pretty rose-colored band. I delighted as it lit up and I began to install the app on my phone and sync everything up. I was ready. I was determined.

I am 7 months in, and here are the 5 things I love about my FitBit Versa:

1. The Price Point

Let’s be honest – the price tag on the Apple Watch is more than twice that of the FitBit versa, and if you are looking for a device to track your fitness, it fulfills its duty well.

2. Water Resistant

Not all Apple Watches are water resistant, but the FitBit versa is. Let’s face it. I can barely keep track of my son’s t-ball schedule and my children’s medical and dental appointments. There is no way that I will remember to take this off while I am bathing the baby, or sneaking in a 6 minute shower while the kids have a snack with their Dad.

3. Simple, Intuitive Design

The swipe up or to the side motion will display your different fitness stats to you, or allow you to access functions like customized workouts. It is very easy to use.

4. Durability

From wearing it swimming, to the beach, to the backyard archaeological mud dig that my 5 year old just instituted, it holds up. It takes a beating. This is the strongest feature for me as I simply do not have the luxury of dainty little things at this phase in my life. Maybe someday when my 5 year old decides to study archaeology at an overpriced college (did I mention to please subscribe to this blog?), but certainly not now.

5. Comfort and Style

It is very comfortable to wear and, like the Apple Watch, has a variety of strap options to match your outfit. I love that I do forget that I am wearing it, and mine does not have any scratches yet, which is saying something.

Here are the reasons I am wondering if an Apple Watch was a better choice:

1. The syncing with your smartphone does NOT make life easier.

So it shows me my text messages. Great. I can’t reply while I am sitting upstairs nursing the baby, so thanks for adding to my to-do list. It alerts me when I am receiving a call, but unless I am sitting beside my phone, I cannot answer the call and talk to the person. Once again, just adding to what I need to accomplish later on in the day.

2. There are still some kinks to be worked out.

There is a water tracking feature, which does not sync properly. There are some very cool virtual hikes you can “go on” but it does not alert you when you have passed milestones, or completed the goal on the device; only on the app if you are logged in a looking at it on your smartphone. Very good ideas, just not fully flushed out yet.

3. Reliance on the mobile app.

If the battery dies (and it will!), when you charge it up, the time will be incorrect until you log into the mobile app, and re-sync everything. It is not unrealistic, just annoying, and something that takes up extra time that us busy parents seem to be in a deficit of. 

4. Usability on Vacation

The Apple watch, with its versatility to pay for purchases through Apple Pay is so helpful and easy, and with combined with the ability to link to my Wallet for things like boarding passes make this a MUST for travel.

If you happen to be heading to a Disney Park for a family vacation, your apple watch can be linked to the “My Disney Experience” app and can act just like a magic band – no need to purchase anything additional. If you are going to be heading out on a Disney trip, be sure to check out this article:


In short, if you are seeking a well-priced, stylish, fitness tracker that will track your steps and physical activity, the FitBit Versa is an outstanding choice. If you are seeking something that will revolutionize your life, and make it easier, in a more wholistic sense, then you might just be an Apple Watch person.

I am still deciding on whether the cost/benefit is right for me, but I know that the one thing I do not have any more of is time, no matter how beautifully it is displayed on my wrist.

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  1. This is a really great and thoughtful discussion. I am leaning towards Apple Watch but still not sure about the price.

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