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EASY, FUN, and CANDY FREE Easter Activities for Kids

As springtime begins to unfold, the days get longer and the weather (finally!) starts to warm up. We can begin to hear more birds chirping in the mornings, and we embark on more after dinner family walks. There is definitely a sense of freedom that my kids can now play outside in the yard without layers of hats and mitts!

One of my children’s favorite times of the spring is EASTER! Now, I don’t know about your house, but the absolute excessive amount of sugar that is involved with that day leads to chaos, tears, and meltdowns. Here are some inexpensive, quick, and EASY ideas that we have found to celebrate the day that do not involve chocolate:

1. Paint Wooden Easter Eggs

Not only is it a quiet activity, but your family can create some beautiful keepsakes. I like to write the year on ours with a permanent marker so that we can look back on the eggs my children created when they were toddlers, per-schoolers, and older children. This set of Wooden Eggs is easy on the wallet too.

2. Make Springtime Suncatchers

This suncatcher KIT has everything you need to keep the little ones busy gluing different colored tissues to get a pretty, stained glass, effect.

3. Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

This chalk is not only comprised of beautiful, pastel colors, but the egg shape is fun to use and also easy for tiny, toddler hands!

It comes in a handy set of 4.

Have a full house this Easter? Best to get the package of 24!

3. Plant seeds, watch them grow, and decorate the pots!

This seed planting and pot decorating set has EVERYTHING to get little hands interested in how things grow. It comes with 8 pots so everyone can design their very own.

4. Decorate a Beautiful Cross to commemorate the Day.

This complete set has pre-cut cross designs, as well as all of the embellishments that your kids can use to make a beautiful tribute to Jesus and his resurrection. I love this craft idea because we can have a heartfelt conversation about the reason for the season, while the kids get to flex their creativity.

5. Color Your Own Easter bag

At some point we know that there will probably be treats. At least we can get the kiddos busy beforehand coloring in their own bag for egg hunting. Everyone has their own bag, that is their own creation! THIS SET contains 6 bags and all of the coloring supplies.

6. Paint a Birdhouse

As the birds begin to chirp more in the mornings, and the weather gets warmer, nesting season will soon come. Have your children create a beautiful home for a bird to lay and nest their eggs.

7. Re-create the Easter Story

Kids LOVE stickers! This set of 12 sticker sheets and scene pages allows them to recreate the miracle of Easter morning when Jesus’ disciples found the empty tomb. I like the fact that, since it is a 12 pack, everyone can create one.

8. Hunt for Eggs filled with candy alternatives

Egg hunting is still a family tradition for many of us. I like to try and fill at least SOME of the eggs with something other than candy. This set of 12 eggs comes with little wind up baby chick toys and has been a HUGE hit with the little ones. I have also ordered this package of small trinket toys to put inside empty plastic eggs.

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