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Best STEAM Books for Toddlers

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) is a way of categorizing our world in a meaningful way. Educational curriculums around the globe use these concepts as the foundation for building understanding and vocabulary, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and reflection.

Parents and teachers alike can facilitate opportunities for children to learn about the world through STEAM lenses by play, reading, projects, games, and by asking high-quality, open-ended questions.

At the toddler stage, parents can begin to facilitate these practices by reading STEAM themed books.

Not only are these books well written, but they are illustrated in a way that is captivating for young children. Many of these books have become favorites in our house – not just at the toddler stage, but also at the pre-school and kindergarten stages.

STEAM theming can teach toddlers to to approach problems in new and creative ways!

Some of the best STEAM books we have read in our house:

“Baby Loves Science” series by Ruth Sprio

Several of these are favorites in our house: Baby Loves Gravity, Baby Loves Coding, and Baby Loves Hearing are ones even my five year old will pull of the shelf to read.

The Boxed Sets are such a perfect shower gift!

“The Backyard Build” by Jonathan Litton

Max and Suzy are bored and wish they had a playground in the garden. They are tasked with choosing the best material to use, how to measure things, and work out how to test their designs.

Check out this title on Amazon.

“The ABCs of Biology” by Chris Ferrie

From anatomy to zoology, the ABCs of Biology is a colorfully simple introduction to biology for babies and toddlers. Colorful illustrations show a new biology concept for every letter of the alphabet.

This comes as part of a Boxed set as well that makes a perfect baby shower gift!

“One Day on our Blue Planet” series by Ella Bailey

These stories introduce young readers to animals and their habitat. Representational drawings, visual unity, and high contrast colors make the pages appealing for babies as well as toddlers.

One of my favorite things about this series is that it is also available IN SPANISH!

“My Fist 100 Art Words” by Chris Ferrie

Babies and toddlers are curious and ready to learn! Introduce them to art words that go beyond the basics with this first 100 words baby board book. From painting to photography, from music to theater, from literature to history and more, this is the bright and simple introduction to the smart words every budding scholar needs!

“Baby Code!” by Sandra Horning

By using items common in a baby’s world, like a teddy bear and electric train, this charming board book full of bright, colorful illustrations is the perfect introduction to coding for babies and their caregivers

“Bathtime Mathtime” by Danica McKellar

Bathtime will be squeaky clean and sneaky smart fun in this original board book that gives your toddler a head start on learning math, all as part of your daily at-home routine!

“Babylit” Storybooks by Various Authors

These are some of MY favorite books to read with my kids, as they are some of my favorite literary classics. They are SO well done. Quotes from the original text are woven throughout this retelling, and the imaginative artwork engages readers of all ages.

These are also available in a lovely boxed set that would make a perfect baby shower gift!

Most of these books are available in hard copy or Kindle editions as well.

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